Pleased! Pyr to publish two of my books

Writing is lots of work, a lot of rejections, a lot of work, a lot of learning, and – once more – a lot of work. Occasionally there’s a reward.   I recently received a really great reward that I can finally talk about (translate that as the contracts are signed and in hand at my agent’s office).  Really, I’ve been wanting to squeal for a few weeks now.  I get to work with Lou Anders!

Lou is truly one of my favorite editors.  I like who he is as a person (creative, smart, driven) and how he supports and promotes his authors.  And now I get to be one of them.  I’m quite pleased to report that Lou has acquired a duology from me.

A little about the books:  I’ve always been fascinated with how single individuals can make a big difference.  Churchill.  Lincoln.  Hitler.  And for this series, Eva Peron.  Yes, the story is told in space and it’s adventure fiction.  And no, I don’t have a character named Evita.  But I did steal ideas from her real life, and from the musical, and mixed them all up with a generation ship story.

I can’t say any more lest I give out spoilers.

The first book, The Creative Fire, is done.  I’m excited to start the second one shortly.

So watch for The Creative Fire from Pyr books late this year…

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  2. Yes. I was about to start book four when this contract came through, which puts book four into later this year. But, yes, I NEED to finish that series. I know what happens : I need to get it out there! 🙂

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