Reading Recommendation: The Games by Ted Kosmatka

Last night I stayed up late to finish Ted Kosmatka’s new book “The Games.”

It’s really quite good – it reminded me in turn of Michael Chricton’s better work or a Dean Koontz.  Yes, I’m comparing it to thriller writers.  The Games is solid near-future science fiction but it reads much more like a thriller than a classic sf-book.

I don’t want to give much away, but imagine a future where genetic engineering is allowed in order to create creatures that fight each other to the death.  Then introduce a very different designer of such creatures….

I picked this up because Ted has recently moved here and he’ll be a reader at our SFWA reading series on April 17th.  The Games is intense, and I enjoyed it very much.  In spite of the thriller pacing, I often stopped to admire bits of really nice prose.

Expect to hear more about Ted in the coming years!

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