Reading Recommendation: Thinking, Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman

One of my goals this year is a bit more non-fiction reading.  What the heck…good non-fiction is free education, right?  Anyway, Thinking Fast and Slow turned out to be a surprisingly good book for the writer in me…as it discusses interesting topics like how readers (and writers) might think.  Not directly, not really.  But one of the smartest things any of my writing teachers ever told me was that a good author knows how his prose affects the reader…and controls that.  A good writer knows how and when to make his reader anxious, to surprise his reader, and to delight them (This advice came from Dean Wesley Smith).

I felt like I learned something.

Note that this is a dense and rich read.  I found myself reading a chapter and then thinking about it, and then reading another one.  The book works well that way.  But don’t expect to finish it quickly!

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