Reading Recommendation: Imagine How Creativity Works, by Jonah Lehrer

I promised some more reviews of non-fiction.  There was a bit of serendipity to me reading this book:  one of my co-workers, Christian Knight, came up and told me about the book by telling me the first story in the book (which is about how mops were improved). Christian is a creative guy who writes video scripts for us at the City (as

well as doing other communications work), and so I filed away his story about the mop.  He didn’t remember the title of the book.

So two days later, I download this book and start listening to it while walking Nixie around the block, and what do I hear but the mop story?

At any rate, the writer in me was quite happy with this.  Not only does it describe the actual creative process through example (not new to me, but interestingly told), but it then pairs the stories about how the process feels with the neuroscience of how it works.

Pretty perfect for a geeky gal.




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