Reading Recommendation: Paolo Bacigalupi’s The Drowned Cities

Anyone who has been reading my blog knows I’m a fan of Paolo’s.  I find his work frighteningly plausible.  His worlds are dark, but unlike most horror which belongs under the covers on a dark night, Paolo’s work should be held up and talked about.  It feels like it could happen.

The Drowned Cities is Paolo’s second YA , but it’s quite fit reading for grown-up audiences as well. Imagine a world post-climate change (we’re likely to get there!), post government (what if the Arab Spring is followed by a vacuum, and that happens everywhere) and post-abundance.  Imagine an America covered by the types of personal armies we saw in the KONY 2012 video.  That’s the world Paolo is writing in.  He also delivers a true story, complete with engaging characters, real peril, and heart-tugging moments.




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