Lou Anders and John Picacio bring The Creative Fire to life

The Creative Fire, the first “Ruby’s Song” book, is available for pre-order (link below).  It actually has been for a little bit, but I wanted to hold off until I had permission to show off the absolutely amazing art by John Picacio.  I have been blessed over and over by the cover fairy.  This time, I am triple blessed:

  • John did a beautiful piece of art (central image now the header on my website).  I can’t use words to describe the art; it’s better than words.
  • He  communicated really well with me.  The first time he called I almost fell off the sidewalk.  I remember it very specifically.  Nancy Kress and I were waiting to get into a set of  short animated films on the Ave in Seattle and there was a ton of background noise; my finger was stuck in my free ear so I could hear John.  I have never had an artist call me.  Clearly, he had read the book.
  • He brought my heroine to life.  For my Clarion West writeathon run, I’m finishing the first draft of the second book.  I am now using a copy of the art as a muse when I get stuck.  I can look at her and think, “Now, Ruby, really.  What would you do if….?”‘

I realize there is no cover in this post or on the sidebar to the right.  I’m still waiting for the final complete cover design.  So that will come.  But in the meantime, I do now have permission to talk about the art.  If you follow one of the links below you can see the draft cover, and the whole piece of art.

Ever since I first saw John’s art, I wanted to have him do a cover for me some day.  As soon as I met Lou Anders, I wanted him for an editor.  I’m really happy.


John Picacio’s 2011 body of work, which includes the fabulous job he did with Game of Thrones calendar art, can be found on his website.

The Creative Fire can be admired for its artwork (and pre-ordered if you would like your very own copy!) at Amazon.com and at Barnes and Noble.  The Barnes and Noble link has a better shot of the cover.

A snip of text can be found on my Clarion West write-a-thon sponsor page, and sponsors can follow along in my adventures.

More on the Creative Fire to come.

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  1. That’s a beautiful cover, Brenda. It really brings Ruby and the heart of the novel into focus. You certainly won the cover lottery with this one!

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