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  1. There was an excellent BBC Click parrgomme a month or two ago about the future of libraries. With digital books, the library system is likely to undergo significant changes, and not all the publishers want to continue the library model in the future.Perhaps Internet chat/forums/blogs have replaced libraries? Did people ever share ideas in libraries in the past though? They definitely do in web forums and blogs though.The more troubling aspect in the digital future is book lending between friends/colleagues. In the paper world, I probably have a dozen books at home, and the rest have all been lent to people that I’ve never had back (I’m not complaining hopefully they have been lent to a third or fourth party). In the digital world you can only forward an App/ Book Store link to a friend for them to purchase it. So sharing’ or promoting’ this type of education/literacy is easier in the paper world.In the new model an author would [probably] end up earning more money. Richard as an author are you in favour of the new model or not?

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