Lone Boy and The Girl with Microphone (You Say You Want a Revolution)

I’m extremely pleased to see John Picacio and his new company, Lone Boy, will be putting out a calendar via a kickstarter campaign.  And in the calendar?  Girl with Microphone (You Say You Want a Revolution), which is the cover of The Creative Fire.  I believe she’ll be July.  Chances are she’s looking at you right now from my webpage header, where she’ll stay for at least a few months.

I couldn’t be more tickled about the calendar.  Both for John, who is one of our great SF artists, and because  in a way this means Ruby Martin is getting more play. When I first saw John’s art, he had so clearly captured Ruby’s essence that I wrote the second book with his rendering of Ruby up on the screen so I could look into her eyes.  It gave me a fresh new way to talk to a character.

Ruby aside, I love the other work John has chosen for the calendar.  The cover is fabulous.  Gateway is a beautiful print I want to own someday…and Away From Here was the cover of an Asimov’s I had a story in.

There’s an extra bonus.  I learned a thing or two about John while working with him on my cover.  Not only is he thoughtful and creative, but he’s a complete perfectionist.  And he’s designing the whole calendar.  I think that means it’s going to be really awesome.  Get yours by sponsoring the kickstarter.


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