Coming up: The best time to read Mayan December

I’m right in the middle of the release activity for The Creative Fire, but I also noticed that it’s getting to be late in 2012.  This is a great time to read Mayan December, which tracks the world from December 10th through December 21st 2012.  It’s available from Prime Books (Sean Wallace) and from the usual other online venues.  Mayan December is set in one of the most beautiful places in the world (the Yucatan Peninsula), and it was one of the most fun books I’ve ever written.  It’s not my usual SF…there was a dinner discussion last night where we were trying to decide if it was historical fantasy, contemporary soft adventure/romance, or time travel.  We decided on time travel.

If you’ve read it, or you do read it, let me know if you think time travel is the right answer!


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