This is the week to prepare to start Mayan December

Well, it’s December 2012.  If you order Mayan December this week, you should have it in time to start reading along with the days as they count down to the end of the Mayan calendar.  A few of my friends are planning to do this, and I’m hoping it might be fun.

It’s NOT like the movie. The entire world does not blow up in any spectacular way.  🙂

But if you like a little Mayan magic, a little mystery, and a little time travel, consider going for it.

Either way, have a fun December 2012.

NOTE for those who have loved The Creative Fire. They are not very similar.  I love both books.   The Creative Fire is all science fiction, and Mayan December is all about the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula and about possibilities and a strange friendship.

The lovely art is by Scott Grimando.


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