Reading Recommendation: Blue Remembered Earth by Alistair Reynolds

blue-remembered-earth-alistair-reynolds-adoiI have no idea why I haven’t been reading Alistair Reynolds forever. I found Blue Remembered Earth to be enchanting. It’s bold and futuristic and full of wonder. Oh, and a little bit, it’s also about elephants. Since this is a current hot spot in my thinking, I liked that part. But even more importantly, its about space, and humanity, and how we might be after we get through the worst bits that are probably coming.  It’s a post surviving-climate-change society, where the world is not quite what it seems like today, yet it is thoroughly believable as a future world we might inhabit.

Note that I listened to the audio version, which was also very nicely narrated.  You should go buy this book and read it, or perhaps listen to it.  You will have to forgive a few places where the plot gets a little tough to believe, but the world building and the audacity of the book more than make up for it.

I’m certain I’ll read more of Reynold’s work in the future.

2 thoughts on “Reading Recommendation: Blue Remembered Earth by Alistair Reynolds”

  1. Brenda,

    He is a wonderful writer. Blue Remembered Earth is a new step for him (and a good one) as it is more near earth.

    The rest are galaxy spanning works. Many are terrific.

    Enjoy them!


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