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The Diamond Deep came out early this month.  Since I was out of the country, I couldn’t have a proper party.  So I’ll be throwing one at Orycon, hanging out at a signing, and visiting a book festival over the next ten days.  I will have a few copies of both The Creative Fire and The Diamond Deep available.  But buying from me isn’t the best choice.  It doesn’t support bookstores.  Not only that, but I can’t sell you an electronic copy.  So here’s the great deal for you….

Anytime between now and the end of the last event of the weekend (a great grand signing at the Powell’s in Beaverton, Oregon!), if you can find me and show me a receipt for en electronic version or bring me a print version and a receipt from a store, from Amazon, or from a bookseller at Orycon, I’ll give you a card to fill out that will enter you into a drawing for one of John Picacio’s 2014 calendar’s plus one of his Lotteria cards.  The calendar will ship when John ships them all, late in this year.

Not only is this a great prize, but there is a link between the prize and the books.  John is the cover artist for both novels, and his fabulous art for The Creative Fire won a Chesley, which is a prestigious art award.

So here’s where I’ll be in case you want to find me and enter:

This weekend (November 2nd and third) I’ll be at the Northwest Bookfest in Kirkland at a booth with other local authors.  I’ll be there about half the time.  Others include Louise Marley, Cat Rambo, Jennifer Brozek, and more….I think you can get to us for free, but I’ll tweet out for sure Saturday morning (follow @brendacooper).  Next weekend, November 9th and 10th, I’ll be at Orycon in Portland, Oregon.  On Saturday night, I’ll be hosting a party with another author and two editors (John Pitts is releasing his new collection, and his editor, Patrick Swenson will be there.   Bryan Thomas Schmidt will be there for the release of an exciting new anthology edited, Ray Gun Chronicles. I have a story in there).  We’ll be in the Presidential Suite and we will be having fun!

Sunday night, November 10th — starting at 4:30 PM, I’ll be joining  other authors at the best Portland mass signing of the year, the Sci-Fi Authorfest at Powell’s in Beaverton.   This is really fun — lots of us are there, storm troopers occasionally wander through, it’s family friendly, it’s near restaurants, and….if you buy a book there and have me sign it, this will be the last opportunity to enter this particular drawing.

Don’t miss this chance to have  a wall full of John Picacio’s work for all of 2014!  The picture below is linked to his Kickstarter, just in case you want to be sure to get a calendar!


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