Google Glass: Day one

Day 1So I haven’t answered many questions from my last blog post yet, but the household teenager is done with her finals and I’m free to play with Glass.  Here’s how its gone so far….

The boxing and presentation of Glass is cool.  Glass is light and easy to wear.

Set up is pretty easy.  It took me a few tries to get it connected to my home wifi and I haven’t yet gotten it connected to the iPhone via bluetooth.  I can’t tell if it needs to be connected to a hotspot (but it  looks like no hotspot is needed unless I want turn by turn directions, which I kinda do).  In that case, can I use a wifi hotspot and tether to that or do I have to tether to my phone?  Something I may be able to ask Glass. 🙂

I’ve figured out how to take a picture, query Google, navigate around, and charge Glass.  There is a lot of help available to Glass Explorers and I will be looking at that more.  But there is one problem (I think).  The iOS advice almost all seems (reasonably enough) to be for Glass pre IOS My Glass app.  I get it – no problem.  No frustration.  But it does make it confusing – I often can’t tell what instructions apply now and what instructions apply to Glass and IOS pre-My Glass for IOS. Time will fix that up.

The screen is easy to read and I can wear Glass and reading glasses both at once.  It DOES look dorky, but I will hunt for reading glasses where that isn’t true.  I probably just need thinner frames or frameless ones.

There is a learning curve. Some things are easy (like querying Google) and others are harder (I haven’t done it yet, but the instructions for posting a picture to FB look way worse than just taking the picture on the phone and posting it – more steps).  After a few hours I’ve scratched the surface and I’m packing it in for the night.  Not ready to go out in public yet, but maybe to a party this Saturday.  Hopefully I can figure out the tethering thing by then.

For your entertainment, here is an iPhone selfie of me with two pairs:

Day 1 2

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