Google Glass: A few days notes

from glass outsideYesterday was more full of snow and dead batteries and work and a family movie than it was of Glass.  It’s interesting just to see the family reactions to Glass, though (which is still only at home).  Yesterday morning I had an immediate success when I put on Glass and asked for the weather and had it in seconds.  When Toni came down for her coffee, I tried to show her, and asked Glass for the temperature.  Glass decided “temperature” meant “picture” and took a picture of Toni in her bathrobe and then when I tried to ask it about the temperature again it tried to email the picture to a couple of guys I did a podcast interview with a few months ago.  Not good.  As far as I know, I managed to intercept the bathrobe picture before it got mailed. Later, when I wanted to take a picture of the snow outside our house while I was waiting for AAA, it worked great. But now Toni thinks Glass is no better than Siri, and I hope that she’s not right.  The household seventeen-year-old does well with Siri, but Toni and I both  struggle to get anything useful.  Toni seems – at best – to be mildly amused that I brought Glass home.

Katie is mostly interested in the fashion implications – does Glass confer a unibrow and does it block your eye?  (no and no, IMHO)

Today I am back at it trying to learn a little since I plan to take Glass out to a party tonight  I have successfully snugged it to my iPhone with bluetooth and updated some Google contacts and dropped those into Glass. I am finding that I need to go update my Google electronic self which is way more out of date than my IOS self or my FaceBook self.  That, I suppose, was predictable.  I failed at getting “Wink” to calibrate, so I will not be winking any pictures into existence.  I can wink with my left eye, but I can’t wink one-eyed right and Glass appears to know the difference between a wink and a blink.  

I basically feel like I still don’t know very much.  I did manage to find my pictures.  The picture  up above is the photo of the snow outside our house that I took with Glass.


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