Google Glass: Glass goes to work

So just a short update on my Glass experience so far…..

After taking Glass out to a party (see previous post) I felt up to taking Glass in to work for the pre-holiday work days.  I also took it down to a coffee shop for lunch and out to take some pictures.  So here’s some impressions:

bright benchI’m learning where it feels weird to wear Glass and where it feels more natural (and more places will probably feel more natural as time goes on).  Just walking around town outside, I really liked it and felt cool.  This photo is Marina Park with a single sun-brightened bench.

Wearing it in restaurants was a little weird.  Kind of like a “look at me” statement. Mind you, I’m a Leo and a public speaker who loves to be on stage, so don’t get wrong – I like being kind of “look at me” but the reaction Glass gets varies from “Cool!” to “Don’t look at me your moronic alien.”  Of course, many people don’t notice at all or just don’t know what Glass is. Some people clearly believe it’s autonomous. I’ve had to explain to two people now that it’s just a computer and it does what I tell it to, just like my phone.  It’s not recording everything I see all the time.  Really.

In restaurants Glass felt OK in big noisy ones, and not as good in quieter places.  Bathrooms – no.  Even if it’s off – it makes people nervous.  It’s no more dangerous than a phone clutched in my hand, but still….

Things I’ve learned —-

How to accept and place calls – really easy.   The earpiece vibrates strangely when people talk to me and feels a little distracting. Katie (the household seventeen year old)  said my voice is clearer through Glass than on the iPhone Speaker.

I did learn how to tether it to the iPhone.  Still thinking maybe I should have gone to Android and a second phone.  My iPhone is now data central for Glass, for the Pebble, and for the Fitbit (my three wearables) and I can’t sync more devices well –  like my blue tooth speakers or wireless headset.  Maybe I still need to learn to do it.  It feels like having only one remote-control when you need two.

The setup for Wink was annoying me since I can’t manage to wink (I keep walking around practicing winking with my right eye, but I’m not doing it well enough to calibrate Glass yet and I look rather funny trying).  Solution?  Katie can wink.  She put Glass on and calibrated Wink to her, so I still can’t use Wink, but Glass has stopped insisting that I try to set Wink up.  This is a large relief.

Anixie through glassfter five days, I’m much more facile with moving around Glass, although I still do unexpected things once in a while like accidentally delete a picture or take one, or send something to the wrong person, although that doesn’t matter yet. I can’t get Glass to actually send anything.  I have contacts set up, and Glass thinks it’s sending things but it’s not.  Or at least no one I know is receiving anything.  Almost surely a mis-configuration on my side.

The battery is getting better.

Things I want?  For Glass to sync with my fitbit and tell me how many steps I’ve takes so far today.  To be able to tell it to “stop” when it wants something you don’t want/can’t do like the Wink setup.

Well, off to spike the  ham with cloves.  Merry holidays to all!


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