Google Glass: Glass at the SFWA Readings

Kelley 1So I set a challenge for myself to use Glass while hosting the SFWA readings and to be as natural as I could, and to get some pictures and video.  This was about a two hour event, and the battery lasted and still had juice left at the end.  I wore them the whole time, even when I had the mike, and they felt normal (most of the time).  Of course, science fiction readers and writers are a friendly crowd for Glass.

Here is a link to a short video of Nicola Griffith reading and here is one of Kelley Eskridge reading.   Neither video is excellent, although it’s nice to hear the readers and both Kelley and Nicola transport you even if they are tiny images almost obscured by the person in front of me and certainly less prominent in the video than the half-empty beer glasses on the table.  The picture to the right is Kelley.

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  1. The link to Nicola’s reading seems to be broken – it only takes me to an upload page. Kelley’s is fine, and kind of impressive, actually. Have you decided if you’re keeping Glass?

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