Reading Recommendation: Ancillary Justice, by Anne Leckie

I am always watching for excellent science fiction.  I also have a particular interest in science fiction written by women, probably because that’s what I do.  This year, I noticed that Anne Leckie had  a Nebula nomination for her debut novel, Ancillary Justice.

Ancillary-JusticeSo I read it.

Perhaps because it is a brand-new set of worlds, it was a pleasant but slow entrance.  By about half-way through I found myself glued to my kindle, my first cup of morning coffee growing cold in my hand as I flipped pages quickly.

I ended up really quite impressed.  It is a smart novel, full of very convincing world building and a fresh culture that is quite believable.  It’s also quite well-paced and hard-hitting, full of twists and surprises and with a fabulous viewpoint character.

I’m looking forward to reading more work by Anne in the future.


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