Reading Recommendation: Arctic Rising and Hurricane Fever, Tobias Buckell

hurricanefever-276x400I love reading science fiction that evokes a believable and complete world, a world that I can imagine coming into being.  Tobias S. Buckell’s two recent science-fiction thrillers created an utterly plausible future where the arctic is no longer frozen, where the Caribbean is a player as well as a place where players go, and where string after string of heavy weather is survived with aplomb by the ultra-rich who attend hurricane parties.

Arctic Rising is a fast-paced thriller with a pretty fascinating female protagonist.  I loved it.  Hurricane Fever follows it.  However, the books are loosely coupled – they can be read in either order.  They tell different stories, which are linked by one character, and by the shared world that all of the characters inhabit.

These books belong on the shelves of futurists who are interested in a world we are barreling toward, and by those who love James Bond and want to read about that kind of character operating in a less well-heeled part of the world.



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