Release Day for Edge of Dark

Edge of Dark coverIt’s release day for Edge of Dark!

I’m pleased with this duology, and very happy to see book one go off into the world.  I’ve been on retreat working on book two, and the meta-story is coming along really well.  I’m really pleased to have this part of it available.

Here’s what people are saying about it so far:

“Playing God is dangerous: Edge of Dark is an intelligent, thoughtful look at what it might mean to coexist with superior AIs that we ourselves have created. Brenda Cooper’s universe is detailed, inventive, and ultimately dazzling. I will remember Chrystal for a very long time.”

—NANCY KRESS, winner of multiple Hugo and Nebula awards

“Edge of Dark is bold, immersive, boundary-pushing sci-fi; a new breed of transhuman space opera. It asks all the right questions: What’s the line between human and posthuman? How would immensely enhanced creatures treat mere humans? And how would we baseline humans view them—as our successors, our future selves, or our exterminators? Whatever opinion you enter this book with, it’ll surprise you. Read it.”
—RAMEZ NAAM, author of Nexus and Crux

I’ll be reading from Edge of Dark on March 4th at the University Bookstore in Seattle, and on March 9th at Powell’s Beaverton Store.

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  1. “Regurgitated cookie” I think I’m thleirld that you came up with that phrase. So then my question would be do you think UF just fits into today’s busy/fast-paced lifestyle and epic fantasy does not? Or is it really just a matter of taste? Also, I never understood the genre prejudices (even though I admit to having them when it comes to romance). Literary fic readers turn their nose up at genre readers; Sci-fi fans do it to fantasy fans; Fantasy readers do it to UF & paranormal readers . I admit to wrinkling my own nose when it comes to the romance genre but I couldn’t imagine thinking less of someone just because of the genre they choose to read. But I think *that* could be another post altogether!

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