Women in Science Fiction, an Interview, and Intro Chapters

EdgeofDarkBannerSkiffy an Fanty asked me to post about the current topic of the day – women in science fiction.  My thoughts are now posted over at their site – please do drop by and read.  If you want to include this as part of the meta-coversation, please post this on social media and comment etc.

I also have in Interview up at SFFWORLD.

Chapter One is up at Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist.

Chapter Two is up at Civilian Reader.


2 thoughts on “Women in Science Fiction, an Interview, and Intro Chapters”

  1. We know each other from years ago, when I invited you to be feature reader at RASP in Redmond. I had just finished three books in the Silver Ship and the Sea series. I am now reading Edge of Darkness, which I really enjoy.

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