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Cooper-BeyondWaterfallDoor-finalBeyond the Waterfall Door was delivered to Kickstarter backers in April.  It’s now available for pre-order on Amazon. It will release on June 26th, which is the opening day for this year’s Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach, California. That’s where the stories take place. Way back in my teenaged years, I worked there in the summers, and these stories are based in part on my experiences (although the stories are even more fantastical).

It’s also on Goodreads, where it happily has its very first rating.  I’d like more ratings so people can find the book.  Not my favorite part of being an author, but not something I can ignore, either. So here’s the deal.  Beyond the Waterfall Door is all fantasy, and includes some of my reader’s favorite stories. I also have a science fiction collection I’m excited about, Cracking the Sky, coming out soon from Fairwood Press.  I have an extra ARC in my possession.  That’s the prize.

To play: Review Beyond the Waterfall door by July 4th (see – there’s time to buy it and read) on Goodreads or Amazon and send me an email asking to be in the contest by the end of the day on July 4th.  You can also just leave a comment on this post. The winner gets an ARC of Cracking the Sky. Kickstarter backers get an extra incentive – if you review the book BEFORE June 26th when it releases, then you have to be a backer by definition.  So you get two entries!

Note – honest reviews are great.  Reviews don’t have to be anything in particular, they just have to exist and say a little about the book.  If you love it, a five-star review would be great, but you get an entry with any review.

The cover art is from a larger work by the brilliant Mark Ferrari, and it fits the theme beautifully.  The cover design is by Jenn Reese.  The book design is by John D. Berry. I will, by the way, probably never again have quite so many people involved in six stories again in my life! But at any rate, that’s a long way of saying the book is pretty, and it works on e-readers and I had a lot of help along the way.

PS – if you just want to pre-order either book, you can do that, too:

Cracking the Sky is available directly from Fairwood Press.

Beyond the Waterfall Door is available at Amazon.


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  1. I love the post, and more importantly the trend of teoclhnogy invading the M &E space. 2011 was a first for us, as our audio solution was brought into an international conference in SF. Attendees were given our product, which allowed them to listen to live audio from three different theaters at one time. It was a great use of our product/service, and one that I would have never thought of until the client called with the idea. That conference is state of the art, in every aspect, and I look forward to seeing what new teoclhnogy they incorporate this year.

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