Reading Recommendation: Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson

AuroraI recently finished Aurora (Audible version). I started out interested in it because I have also written generation ship books, and I find the generation ship to be a particularly interesting setting.  There is a lot of technology and a lot of big dreaming and hope that travels with these ships, and putting a lot of humans in a tin can (even if its big and well engineered) tends to produce interesting results. Which it does here.

Of note, Aurora is both well written and well-narrated.  It’s a huge scope work (as you would expect from KSR). The only thing I didn’t like was the main premise, which I won’t give away here.  It implies challenges to space travel that I hadn’t thought of (and should have).  I’m considering it food for thought.

That aside, it’s a beautiful book, full of great world building and interesting characters.  Robinson is also a great line by line writer, and always fun to read on that level.  I recommend it highly.



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