PKD Nominees Join Forces to Giveaway Books

I was lucky enough to have a book nominated for the Philip K. Dick award in a great year for it.  The competition is stiff – I recommended Ramez Naam’s Apex long before we all got nominated, I read and loved an early version of Adam Rakunas’s Windswept (the current version is still on my TBR pile, and I’m not at all surprised it is doing great). I’m enjoying PJ Manney’s (R)evolution when dog walking and commuting. I’m hoping to get to the other two (Archangel, by Marguerite Reed, and After the Saucers Landed, by Douglas Lain) before the award, although my only chance is probably audio given all the required reading I have right now.  But liking the other nominated work is only one dimension.

Some sic fi awards have been awkward over the last few years.  But we are all working together to bring you something cool:

  • Adam Rakunas built a great website.PKD Image
  • Ramez Naam put all our covers together into a great graphic.
  • Douglas Lain orchestrated a podcast and then did a fabulous job making a keystone-cops level connectivity challenge sound great (really – six people in six different places with different background noises and people dropping and off the call for strange reasons, one person who could hear two people but not the others …Douglas amazed me and the finished podcast is quite fine).
  • Our publisher’s all backed us. Thanks to Angry Robot, Pyr, Arche Press, 47-North, and Nightshade.
  • Everyone helped with ideas and emails and support.

And you win!  We’re giving away six sets of the six books. Head on over to our giveaway site, and enter for a chance to win.

Good luck.

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