A Review of Four and Half Year’s Worth of Work

A review of my most recent four book series (in two duologies) came out yesterday.  Duology 1 is The Creative Fire and The Diamond Deep, and Duology 2 is Edge of Dark and Spear of Light. All of them came out from Pyr. The second two books came out because after I finished the first story, I wanted to explore the world more deeply (Worldbuilding is one main reason I write SF instead of contemporary fiction). So they are two complete and loosely linked stories in one world.

The-Creative-FireFirst a word on reviews in general:

As an author, I usually don’t talk a lot about reviews, except maybe to point people to good reviews in hopes it will encourage them to try my work. Good reviews make me happy.  Bad reviews make me sad, but if they’re thoughtful enough I can learn something about the reader experience from them.  I don’t argue with reviewers. I’ve seen writers do that, and I’ve never seen that turn out well.

So why do I want to talk about this one?

For the first time, I’ve had what feels like a review of a body of work, rather a point in time in my career, and:

  • That feels pretty special (there are moments when you realize you’ve taken a step in a writing career. Sometimes someone else notices first.  I finished that work under deadline and moved on, still slammed with deadlines, and this review reminds me to stop for a minute and take a breath).
  • Someone was interested enough in this work to really think about it. This is a fast paced, crazed world. So that’s a real compliment.
  • The reviewer (Paul Weimer), gets the series. He did review the first three books individually.

Here’s a link to the review, which is over at Skiffy and Fanty.


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