Post #7: The Recovering World of POST

postThis is the seventh, and probably next to last, of my posts about POST.  We’re funded, which is great news.  $3778 out of $3500.  Now every new backer helps make the Kickstarter an even better deal. We have four days left. Three of my friends put in stories that are in the stretch goals, and I know you want those tales -  by Darragh Metzger, Nancy Kress, and Jack Skillingstead. They are  great writers, and I’ll tell you more about them in my next post.  Please back or repost or post or tweet or whatever. Thanks!

Every bit of help is appreciated.

I wanted to return to talking about the story….or more accurately, the setting.  POST is set in a post-devastation Pacific Northwest. Other places have been hit harder, but this place – my home – has been through a lot in the story.  Devastation in the Northwest is a fiction, but there is devastation now in many places.  The devastation is Syria is far worse than I am depicting; refugees are struggling for a safer place in droves, and dying for it.  Pacific Islands are becoming uninhabitable as sea levels rise. Haiti has just been scoured by a large storm, merely 6 years after it was devastated by a major earthquake. The list could go on.  We live in a charmed place in a charmed moment, and I tend to be an optimist. But sometimes you write your fears and you write about overcoming them. POST is fiction, but at least some of the setting — with its crumbling infrastructure and climate-ravaged natural places – could be pulled from real locations. I’ve probably depicted my home as far less destroyed than parts of the world are now.

That this could be us bears remembering.

For those who may have missed it, here is chapter one and here is an excerpt from not too long after that.

Once more, thanks for all of your help.


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