Post #8: The Last Hurrah!

postThis is the seventh post in my POST series of postings.  🙂 We’re funded, but not yet finished. We’re at $3,967 out of $3,500 and there are 45 hours to go.  This, of course, is great news.  It means POST will be read — we have 143 backers (collectively – for the two books – it could be split down the middle or in any other way). It will also be available for many to see.  I do want to thank Danielle for all of her hard work right now, even before we really finish. So, thanks Danielle the indefatigable!

In the meantime, there are a few days to go and some excellent stories to unlock.  I doubt we’ll hit all of our stretch goals, but I’m going to take a few moments and say nice things about three of those writers up the stretch goal chain.  After all, anything can go viral on the Internet….If you want to help — here’s the link. Please consider dropping it anywhere you like on social media.  🙂

So I wrote about John A. Pitts and Ken Scholes already and their stories are now available to all backers. Backers for the win!  After you read Ken’s story you may go out and buy Lamentation – the first book his fabulous fantasy series.  After you read John’s story, you might end up curious enough to grab a copy of Black Blade Blues.

Three other friends also helped me out by providing stories for stretch goals, and I want to mention them here….

AfterTheFall_BookpgeNancy Kress has been one of my idols for a long time. I used to haunt bookstores looking for her next work.  Now we play Words with Friends, get together for meals, see movies, and share the same science book club where we do experiments together.  But the old me that haunted bookstores would never have imagined that.  Nancy has a heart of gold, and she writes awesome science fiction stories.  If there is any reason you’ve missed her work, you should fix that!  She has almost as many awards as Connie Willis.  Maybe she has more. I can never quite keep track.  One of my favorite recent works is After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall.

Nancy moved out here (and thus helped create the science book group) so that she could marry Seattle writer Jack Skillingstead.  Jack is a brilliant writer, and a sweet, thoughtful man.  He’s also got a wry sense of humor. Try Are you There? for a great short story collection or Life on the Preservation for an award-nominated novel.

Darragh Metzger is another of my very best first readers, and she was in the same writing group that John Pitts and I were in, lo those many years ago when none of use were published.  Darragh is one of the best character writers I know – her fantasy is absolutely fabulous.  Start with Ironwolfe and you’ll fall into yet another completed and fabulous fantasy series by a truly character-driven writer. She donated a long story to this Kickstarter, and if we get to it, you’ll be lucky.


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