Wilders: Mentioned in PW, First Draft in!

News on my next Pyr book — Wilders!

My editor, Rene Sears, mentioned Wilders in a PW article on post-apocalyptic fiction.  I can’t link to the article since it’s behind a paywall, but here’s what Rene said in the article:

“The fear of climate-related disaster, particularly disaster in which humankind has played a terrible role, is prevalent right now—as is a desire to amend it,” says Rene Sears, editorial director at Pyr, which is publishing Wilders by Brenda Cooper in June 2017. The book launches a duology set in a future megacity called Seacouver, at a time when the planet’s wilderness has been devastated due, in part, to climate change.

I’ve just finished the first good draft of this book. while hiding all by myself in a house in Sedona, Arizona.  Which, by the way, is a lovely place to hide and finish a book. Here is a picture to prove it:


This could have been in a scene from the book.  So could really, really fantastical cities. 🙂  Wilders can be pre-ordered now. Note the Amazon description is from before my characters and I agreed on different names. 🙂



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