Stories of Fremont’s Children

My first solo novel, The Silver Ship and the Sea, is getting a fabulous tenth anniversary edition from Wordfire Press, available this month.  This is a favorite tale of mine, with beloved characters I got to spend many long hours with.  It was my first award-winning novel. The basic story is that six genetically altered children get left behind as spoils of war on a planet that detests genetic modification.  What could go wrong?

To celebrate, I’m crowdfunding an anthology called “Stories of Fremont’s Children” which will include both beloved and new stories set in the series. Much more on the Kickstarter itself soon. It’s a great way to order your copy of Silver Ship and also get the stories for a great deal.

More on the Kickstarter soon.

There were always supposed to be four books in this series.  Wordfire will put out the fourth, which will be a promise kept to readers. A promise made a decade ago.  I can’t tell you how good it will feel to get that story out there.  And I’m in a better position to finish than I was years ago — I know more about the problem I was trying to solve with these novels.

The new editions are beautiful (cover reveal for book 1 coming soon!) and I’ve updated the sentences while leaving the story intact.  I’m pretty excited about these anniversary editions. I hope you’ll come along with me, support the Kickstarter, and get both The Silver Ship and the Sea and Stories of Fremont’s Children.


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