Brief recent publication update

I’ve been very busy, and using social media more than the website to update readers, but decided I should drop by here and leave a few notes… Most recent book:Wings of Creation cover The 10th Anniversary edition of Wings of Creation came out this spring. I love the cover!  These editions are put out by Wordfire Press, and are re-releases with a little love added to clean up prose, but no change in story.  Most important, the fourth and final book in the series, The Making War, is in late editing stages and will be out from Wordfire, hopefully this year. Most recent story: “Maybe the Monarchs” came out in B-cubed press’s “After the Orange.”  I’m rather proud of this one – I’ve read it out loud a few times (at Orycon, Norwescon, and AWP), and gotten really positive comments.  It’s a little sad.  It’s a climate change story that could be a precursor to the world of Wilders and Keepers. Thanks for dropping by…..

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