The Making War update

A few pieces of news about The Making War, which is scheduled to come out in October from Wordfire Press:

  1. I got a great blurb from my good friend Jim Van Pelt, who is — IMHO — one of our very best short story writers alive and working today. He said,  “The Making War is a grand story told in epic scale. Finishing the Fremont’s Children saga, Brenda Cooper completes a journey that began in book one with six waifs whose actions reshape civilized space. Deeply satisfying, compelling, human in all ways, an exploration into the morality of power, and a fine, fine read. Highly recommended.”
  2. I finished the next-to-last proofs today and sent them off to the publisher.  So now I should only see it one more time,

I’m really excited to be so close to having this come out.  The wait has been long — for me and for my readers.  It’s very satisfying to finish a story you saw complete in your head almost a dozen years ago.


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