The Making War: It’s Publication Day!

The Making War coverThe Making War is out today!  This is book 4 in the series that begins with The Silver Ship and the Sea.  Come find out about a family that started as spoils of war on an abandoned on a colony planet and changed five worlds.  Meet Alicia, who wants to fly so badly she is willing to trade freedom for wings and Joseph, who talks to ships more often than he talks to people. Meet Chelo, who really only wants a nice, safe space, but never gets one for long.

Reviewers say that I’m a character driven writer. That’s the best compliment ever!  All elements matter: plot, pacing people, stakes…but the characters make a story sing. Booklist said, “Interplanetary war in the hook, but the characters will be the true catch.”

Here are some links where you can order the your copy:


And for a special treat, at least as of today (October 7th) you can order 2 books and get one free from the Northwest’s giant independent bookseller, Powell’s.  Here’s a link to book one at Powell’s in case you want to start the series and buy from indies!



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