Upcoming Signing/Reading Associated with Norwescon

Norwescon, a local science fiction convention, is next weekend (April 6-7-8). The University Bookstore is doing a multiple-author signing. So far its: Wednesday, April 4 at 7pm Norwescon signing with Brenda Cooper, Howard Hendrix, Susan Matthews, Joshua Palmatier, and Patrick Rothfuss. We’re excited to host a book signing for a number of the authors participating …

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Starred Review for Silver Ship and the Sea from Booklist

My agent sent me a very nice review from Booklist. Helps balance the less happy Publisher’s Weekly review. From the Booklist review, by Sally Estes — “ exciting coming-of-age story with a strong message about the evils of prejudice. ”

Brian Greene Lecture Notes

Just went and watched Brian Greene give a fabulous lecture at McCaw Hall. I’ve listened to a lot of scientist and futurist lecturers, and I really don’t think I’ve ever had more fun. He makes tough science not only fun, but pretty easy to “get” at a high level. He started out by describing cosmology …

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Finishing up Draft 1

I’m on the last run through of what I’ll call the final first draft of MAYAN DECEMBER, which is a different book entirely than the SF books I have out. I can tell I’m really focused on this: I just realized over dinner that I was in our local Borders books, and didn’t even go …

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Reading Recommendation: Ken Scholes’ “Last Flight of the Goddess”

Ken may be our next Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett. The “Last Flight of the Goddess” was hysterically funny, enjoyable, and touching all at once. Not many writers can pull that off. Note that’s a slender and expensive hardcover out from Fairwood Press for $22 for which you get about an hour’s read. So you’ve …

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Nice Review of Short Story

Purple Pens has a nice review of my story, Horses of the High Hills, which appeared in Children of Magic, edited by Kerrie Hughes (DAW).


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