Off to Radcon!

I leave tomorrow for the Radcon convention in Pasco, Washington. That’s in the tri-cities, right around the Hanford nuclear plant (thus the name). I’ll get to visit with a lot of my friends – largely people who live around here but who I’m more likely to get to spend time with at a convention. Strange

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Fast Forward 1 Available

Fast Forward 1 is an anthology edited by Lou Anders at Pyr. Larry Niven and I have a story in the anthology. Overall, the table of contents is fantastic. I’ve only worked my way through a few of the stories, and am really looking forward to finding time to read them all. The anthology has

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Scribbles on Writing Process

The death of characters I’m just gearing up to start writing the climactic scenes in my novel-in-progress, tentatitivley titled Mayan December. I noticed that I keep getting stuck in one of the viewpoints, which follows a current timeline that gets mixed in with a past one. My usual style is to write forward always, just

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January news

Well, the biggest news is getting this new-look website up. I’ll leave my old blogger posts up for awhile. Many thanks to Tony Geer, my website designer. You’ll still be able to find the global warming blog as a separate entity, visit my livejournal for very informal posts, and drop by for futurist postings,

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