Wings of Creation

Wings of Creation by Brenda Cooper “The sequel to The Silver Ship and the Sea (2007) and Reading the Wind (2008) is intense and increasingly complex. Cooper continues to limn interpersonal relationships in considerable depth, including this time those of some individual fliers. Happily, the ending suggests yet another episode to come.” – Booklist Available […]

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Reading the Wind

Reading the Wind by Brenda Cooper Audio promo: “Brenda Cooper’s newest novel is a feast of character and concept. She depicts the devastation of war on microcosmic and macrocosmic levels, and even more so, the driving motives of young men and women caught in deadly conflict. Cooper is a master explorer of the interaction of

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The Silver Ship and the Sea

The Silver Ship and the Sea by Brenda Cooper Audio promo: “The first solo novel by Larry Niven’s Building Harlequin’s Moon (2005) coauthor portrays the thoroughly convincing human colonial society on Fremont, a dangerous planet rife with vicious predators, frequent earthquakes, and falling meteors….Distinctive characterizations, well-limned interrelationships, and the vividly realized Fremont contribute to an

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Building Harlequin’s Moon

Building Harlequin’s Moon by Brenda Cooper and Larry Niven “Fans of both hard and softer, psychological SF will welcome veteran Niven and newcome Cooper’s well-written tale of a 60,000 year layover in space, in which physical challenges of world building are matched by the social challenges of collaboration among disparate groups.” – Publisher’s Weekly

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