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Play review, Love, Janis

My parents took me and my son to see the play Love, Janis at the Herberger Theater in Phoenix night before last. Plays about artists (writers, artists, singers, actors) often touch me more deeply than other topics. This was as much a concert as a play…a concert of her songs, her letters, her interviews: her …

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Finishing up Draft 1

I’m on the last run through of what I’ll call the final first draft of MAYAN DECEMBER, which is a different book entirely than the SF books I have out. I can tell I’m really focused on this: I just realized over dinner that I was in our local Borders books, and didn’t even go …

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Scribbles on Writing Process

The death of characters I’m just gearing up to start writing the climactic scenes in my novel-in-progress, tentatitivley titled Mayan December. I noticed that I keep getting stuck in one of the viewpoints, which follows a current timeline that gets mixed in with a past one. My usual style is to write forward always, just …

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