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Google’s Winning Moon Madness

The space enthusiast in me is really pleased with Google this week, as they’ve announced a prize for getting commercial craft developed to land on the moon. In this case, read that as real people instead of big government. They also picked a nice spot — the moon is close enough. They’re suggesting unmanned craft, …

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Worth Watching

Figures that as soon as I mention how I almost never watch TV (so I have time to write), I’d get caught up in a show. I took four hours out of my life to watch “God’s Warrior’s” on CNN, an excellent bit of investigative reporting by Christiane Amanpour. The series was three two-hour shows, …

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2007 State of the Future

I just got my copy of the Millenium Project’s 2007 State of the Future. I was a participant in the study this year – which I really felt honored by when I was asked. I’m not quite sure how the invitation found me….maybe via Futurist.com or a board I’m a member of at The LifeBoat …

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Interview Posted

Blogger Naina from India both recommended The Silver Ship and the Sea, and also did an email interview with me which is posted on the web. I really love this small world, and I love the idea that someone from India might like my work and want to talk to me about it, and that …

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Brian Greene Lecture Notes

Just went and watched Brian Greene give a fabulous lecture at McCaw Hall. I’ve listened to a lot of scientist and futurist lecturers, and I really don’t think I’ve ever had more fun. He makes tough science not only fun, but pretty easy to “get” at a high level. He started out by describing cosmology …

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