Glass: Three Month Review

It seemed like I should give people a bit of an update about Google Glass, and what the experience of being a Glass Explorer has been like for me. First, I’ve met a number of really great people through Glass.  I spent the first month basically wandering alone and not seeing anyone else wearing Glass […]

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Google Glass: A few days notes

Yesterday was more full of snow and dead batteries and work and a family movie than it was of Glass.  It’s interesting just to see the family reactions to Glass, though (which is still only at home).  Yesterday morning I had an immediate success when I put on Glass and asked for the weather and

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Google Glass: Day one

So I haven’t answered many questions from my last blog post yet, but the household teenager is done with her finals and I’m free to play with Glass.  Here’s how its gone so far…. The boxing and presentation of Glass is cool.  Glass is light and easy to wear. Set up is pretty easy.  It

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