Three Strikes and We’re Out (of the open Internet)

Someone interviewing me for a magazine asked me what current technology tomorrow’s children would find obsolete.  I almost answered “The Internet.”  Then I decided to think about that answer a little bit because it’s pretty scary.  Then I decided it’s true. Shortly, humans may find today’s wide open Internet as archaic as we now find

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Backing into Eden chapter 9 – Global Will

Every May, a force for conservation holds an awards breakfast. ForTerra fills a huge auditorium in the Seattle Convention center with a broad assortment of northwest people.  There are elected officials and people who want to be elected officials.  There are suited-up businessmen and women, and retired dowagers in pearls.   There are teenagers and indigenous

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A Good Speech….

I am lucky enough to know one of the best technology futurists – Mark Anderson of SNS.  He runs the best conference I’ve ever attended:  FiRE, or the Future in Review (yes – it’s even better than science fiction cons).  But that’s a different topic.  He also publishes a newsletter, and a piece of that

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New column up at Futurismic, in which I rant a bit about climate change

Stop by Futurismic and take a look if you get a chance.  This was  a particularly tough article to write because the problem is so diffuse and our actual knowledge so hard to quantify.  Climate is a complex system full of chaotic elements and strange attractors, including political strangeness.  But the fact that it’s difficult

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Crowd Power: Crowdsourcing Today

My newest column at Futurismic explores the power of crowds.  Before I started researching this, I knew about crowd-sourcing used to get people to a particular place to do something interesting like perform the Thriller dance in mass in public, or for demonstrations (Tahrir Square).  I knew about crowd-sourced translation projects.   I didn’t know

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Thailand: The Conference

At the moment I am feeling very international as I am using a portable computer in the “ICT Experience Center” in the Seoul airport.  This is relevent because after being a speaker at the FutureGov Asia conference, I came away very impressed with the clear and committed focus of South Korea on internet infrastructure (including the

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