Hurray for the Elements of Change

I’m pleased with the price of gas.  Change is already happening.  Our Mayor came back from a climate conference where one speaker said the measured particulates in the air are already slightly lower since gas went up.  He said people cheered.  Elementary economics:  Price changes behavior. Global warming warning signs are coming faster and harder …

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A Little Follow Up

From my last few blogs … From the September 11th vigil, and relating to future vigils…the Citizens on the Lake for Peace website. Nicely done. Second…I really think good engineers might save the world some day. Part of that could be because my dad is one, and he saved me a few times…but aside from …

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Worth Watching

Figures that as soon as I mention how I almost never watch TV (so I have time to write), I’d get caught up in a show. I took four hours out of my life to watch “God’s Warrior’s” on CNN, an excellent bit of investigative reporting by Christiane Amanpour. The series was three two-hour shows, …

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