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The Making War update

A few pieces of news about The Making War, which is scheduled to come out in October from Wordfire Press: I got a great blurb from my good friend Jim Van Pelt, who is — IMHO — one of our very best short story writers alive and working today. He said,  “The Making War is […]

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A Year Without a Winter

I’m really excited to share some news. If you read my newsletter, you heard this story.  If you don’t, and you want new stories about once a month, you can sign up here. Here’s my news…..I finished my first-ever work as a fiction editor. This project, the anthology A Year Without a Winter, was full

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Wilders release week recap!

Wow – what fun.  That was a wild first week for Wilders. Pun intended. Thought this list of all the events and interviews and the like might be worth putting together for folks since there are still ways to read parts of Wilders up on the web, a few giveaways, and lots of interviews.  So

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Wilders: Mentioned in PW, First Draft in!

News on my next Pyr book — Wilders! My editor, Rene Sears, mentioned Wilders in a PW article on post-apocalyptic fiction.  I can’t link to the article since it’s behind a paywall, but here’s what Rene said in the article: “The fear of climate-related disaster, particularly disaster in which humankind has played a terrible role, is prevalent right

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Post #8: The Last Hurrah!

This is the seventh post in my POST series of postings.  🙂 We’re funded, but not yet finished. We’re at $3,967 out of $3,500 and there are 45 hours to go.  This, of course, is great news.  It means POST will be read — we have 143 backers (collectively – for the two books –

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Post #6: With a little help from my friends

Introduction: This is the sixth entry in my series about POST, the novel that eSpecBooks is crowdfunding via Kickstarter.  For reference, we’re at $2796 out of $3500 at this moment, which is Friday morning.  18 days to go. I’m telling stories about POST….and this is a story about old and valued friendships. One of the advantages of crowdfunding is that

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