“Out of Ash” available at Slate.com

“Out of Ash” allowed me use story to explore the part of our future where our cities will be forced to reckon with sea level rise. Some cities will build walls, some dikes. Some will abandon shorelines and retreat organically up hills. Others may need to be simply moved.

Article and Story in Seattle Magazine

Seattle Magazine was recently purchased by Jonathan Esposito, a successful Seattle entrepreneur and communicator (Geekwire, for example). The vision for the new version of the magazine is bold and hopeful. I was lucky enough to have both an article and a story in the first issue under the new leadership there.

“Callme and Mink” out in Clarkesworld

You can find my latest published science fiction story, “Callme and Mink,” in Clarkesworld.  It’s a little tale about people and dogs, and how they might find each other in a difficult future.

New Website Design

Every once in awhile even an old and decent design needs an update. I’m happy to be able to show off the new website. if you have time, take a look and give me feedback. Thanks to Rie Levinzon for giving it a facelift. Also, newsletter coming soon — sign up if you are interested!

Story in Current Futures: A Sci-Fi Ocean Anthology

I’m really proud to have a story in here.  Some important things to know: The stories are positive future stories about our challenged oceans They are written by authors from all around the world All of the authors are women! Back to New page   https://go.xprize.org/oceanstories/

I’ll be at Orycon 2017

Sat Nov 18 10:00am-11:00am Autonomous robots and intelligence When we should actually start worrying about robots as a fellow species rather than appliances – when do they get rights and when should they? Sat Nov 18 11:00am-12:00pm Ghost in the Machine or Grandpa? Is a personality upload a real person? Can they vote? What do …

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The Creative Fire nominated for a Canopus Award

I’m really pleased that The Creative Fire has been nominated for the very first ever Canopus Award.  The award recognizes works “with a primary component of interstellar exploration or travel.” I’m in fabulously good company and I’m also pleased to see recognition for work about space travel. Previously Published Long-Form Fiction (40,000 words or more) The Creative Fire, …

The Creative Fire nominated for a Canopus Award Read More »


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