Studies in Setting

A few posts ago, I promised to discuss the outcome of reading three books and studying setting.  As a reminder, this is associated with a group of writers I gather with to discuss bestsellers, so we pick bestselling work for a variety of genres and look at different characteristics, often following Zuckerman’s book, but sometimes …

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Spring Sunset Over Lake Chelan

At the far end of the long lake High white-kissed mountains rise above a Gentle joining where two slopes meet to Fall into the darkening water, blue-black under Apricot clouds, the gold falling on rain falling on Seattle where I have to go tomorrow And this is a perfect moment

Stephen Hawking Lecture Notes

I saw Stephen Hawking for the second time last night. Seeing that man work gives me the same fundamental reaction: best stop whining. Dr. Hawking’s disease has progressed so far that he can only select words to use with a mechanism that recognizes when he blinks. A blink moves the cursor. The cursor has what …

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Upcoming Signing/Reading Associated with Norwescon

Norwescon, a local science fiction convention, is next weekend (April 6-7-8). The University Bookstore is doing a multiple-author signing. So far its: Wednesday, April 4 at 7pm Norwescon signing with Brenda Cooper, Howard Hendrix, Susan Matthews, Joshua Palmatier, and Patrick Rothfuss. We’re excited to host a book signing for a number of the authors participating …

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Some contemplation of ancient cultures

There is a very interesting article in this week’s Nature magazine about a greek calculating machine, the Antikythera mechanism, which modeled the movements of the heavens. Although you can’t get to the article unless you’re a subscriber, some information is available on the wikipedia. Pretty cool. I’ve been studying Mayan astronomy for the novel I’m …

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