The Downbelow Girls

A Sense of Place

I’m finishing up THE DOWNBELOW GIRLS this weekend so I can finally get it in the mail.  A last step was getting a sense of place into the book.  I set it in Seattle, which I live a five minute bridge ride away from in off-peak traffic.  It’s seventeen years away (set in 2025), but […]

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Misc Book News

Apparently SILVER SHIP AND THE SEA was Thanksgiving reading for a few people – I got some compliments on it via email this weekend. That always makes me feel good – a writerly dream is that some stranger will like your work. And then if they do, it’s surprising. The copyedits for READING THE WIND

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Back in the Hunt

July was all short stories and trips to sandy beaches and on late trains. Weddings and anniversaries and anthology stories (a favorite of mine – I like writing to themes). So now it’s finally looking like August will be writing my next novel. Or starting, anyway. At first I chafed at the idea of something

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