Short version of bio for fiction appearances

Brenda Cooper has published fiction in Analog, Oceans of the Mind, Nature, and in multiple anthologies. Her most recent novel is THE CREATIVE FIRE, from Pyr. By day, she is the City of Kirkland’s CIO, and at night and in early morning hours, she’s a futurist and writer.

Short version of bio for speaking engagements

Brenda Cooper has been delivering keynote addresses on the future for over a decade.   Her non-fiction has appeared in The Futurist Magazine and on  She is also currently writing a non-fiction series called “Backing into Eden,” which is being re-published on multiple websites.  Her talks are upbeat and positive, and generally focus on how we can solve the big problems facing mankind right now.

Brenda is a technology professional, and currently serves as the CIO for the City of Kirkland in Washington State.

Brenda is is also the author of seven novels, including the Endeavor award winner for 2008: THE SILVER SHIP AND THE SEA.  Her most recent novel, THE CREATIVE FIRE, came out in November, 2012, and the sequel, THE DIAMOND DEEP, will be out in October of 2013.

Brenda interviewed at My Bookish Ways.

Brenda interviewed at Civilian Reader.

Brenda discussing THE CREATIVE FIRE in Mary Robinette Kowal’s “My Favorite Bit.

Interview at Science Fiction and other ODDyseys

Interview with Annie Tupek, a bookseller and writer in Alaska

Interview at Grinding to Valhalla

Interview at

Interview at Campaign for the American Reader


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