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Public Speaking

I love to deliver keynote speeches on the future, talks about writing, and perform readings from my work.


As a futurist, I am a generalist – I can help groups think about population trends, shifts in global economy, major new technologies, responses to climate change, and the mind-boggling speed of change itself in all areas. I’m willing to research any specific industry long enough to make talks relevant to the appropriate audience. I have spoken to business and non-profit audiences, to schools, and to government officials. I tend to be a very interactive speaker and believe more in conversation that just “giving a talk.”

Because my schedule is full, I only do around five large talks a year, and generally try to stick in the Pacific Northwest, although I’m occasionally willing to travel. I often work with Glen Hiemstra, a Seattle-area futurist.

Contact me directly:
Brenda Cooper
218 Main #400
Kirkland, WA 98033
425 785-9151


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