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We have no say. Here is a copy of the cover for an anthology I have a story in.  It’s coming out on the 6th – which is next Tuesday.  It’s either so bad that it’s good or it’s really, really bad.  I can see it on shelves right before Halloween, though. It’s being considered […]

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Two Very Cool Futurist Events

I have been wearing my author hat lately because of book releases, but there are two very excellent futurist events worth discussing:  one in the recent past and one in the recent future. I’ll start with the recent past. The Seattle Times did a very nice article about futurists in the Sunday Magazine last week. 

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FiRE (Future in Review) Day 4: Africa, the Oceans, Language, and Whales

The morning started with the most explicit of the conversations on philanthropy: a look at the work Pearson Learning has done in Africa, and a brief discussion of project Inkwell. The first project we saw, the Sara Communication Initiative, helps girls in Africa tell their stories, and actually brought me to tears for a moment.

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A Story of Engagement

I usually wake up with fiction stories in my head.  I’ve kept writing fiction in the last month, but the stories in my head lately have mostly been blogs. Here’s the futurist take on it: Earth has become a computer connected world. I’m a science fiction writer – so a bigger percentage of my readers

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