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On FiRE This Veterans Day

I’ll be spending my day off tomorrow at the Future in Review one-day conference called FiRE Global.  I’ve been invited to participate in the CTO challenge, which is this case is a continued discussion about scaling energy, which may be no less than a talk about how to save the world.  My belief (based on […]

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Futurist Event: FiRE Global

  Earlier this year, I attended the FiRE conference in San Diego.  It felt like half an almost-typical technology conference (yes, there was a cloud computing session), half a “making the world a better place with technology” and in total, was the best three days I’ve ever spent on either topic.  Largely, the value was

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Two Very Cool Futurist Events

I have been wearing my author hat lately because of book releases, but there are two very excellent futurist events worth discussing:  one in the recent past and one in the recent future. I’ll start with the recent past. The Seattle Times did a very nice article about futurists in the Sunday Magazine last week. 

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