New column up at Futurismic, in which I rant a bit about climate change

Stop by Futurismic and take a look if you get a chance.  This was  a particularly tough article to write because the problem is so diffuse and our actual knowledge so hard to quantify.  Climate is a complex system full of chaotic elements and strange attractors, including political strangeness.  But the fact that it’s difficult

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Crowd Power: Crowdsourcing Today

My newest column at Futurismic explores the power of crowds.  Before I started researching this, I knew about crowd-sourcing used to get people to a particular place to do something interesting like perform the Thriller dance in mass in public, or for demonstrations (Tahrir Square).  I knew about crowd-sourced translation projects.   I didn’t know

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What Does the Future Need?

One of my favorite things to do each month is write my column for Futurismic (which has had a lot of great content lately, by the way).  This month, I decided to talk about what the future needs from us.  Another way to say that is “What should we be doing now to create a

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Good Things in Threes

Most days, I still feel pretty invisible.  I’m certainly not a famous science fiction writer, and no geek household name like Cory Doctorow or Charlie Stross that gets thrown around the interwebs regularly. But today is a very pleasant writer/futurist day from the point of being engaged in the bigger community conversation. ABCnews included quotes

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The Oceans

The oil spill isn’t on the front page any more.  But it hasn’t slowed down.  Even though I have been paying some attention, I was surprised to see that BP has collected over one million gallons of oil so far.  Yipes! We know they haven’t collected most of what’s gushing out.  The live camera down

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