My newest Futurismic column looks at longevity.  This is feeding a bit off of a question I asked the twitterverse (and the land of Facebook) about whether or not people would want to live to be 150 (assuming no negative consequences to us or our progeny or the earth).  Pretty much everybody said yes. I’ve …

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Animal Stories

My futurismic column for this month deals with animal intelligence –it’s entitled “What are the Animals Becoming?”  I just popped over to Nancy Kress’s blog to see how she’s doing, and it turns out she just blogged on the same topic (or at least mentioned the prevalence of stories about genetically altered animals in her …

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Various useful webbishry

First, Seattle Geekly does a great podcast.  As I’m sure you can guess, they talk about all things Seattle that would interest the slightly more – well, geekly (gaming, conventions, science fiction and fantasy, anime, steampunk, other local events).  I listen in when I get time.  Even better, I visited them last week and we …

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What’s Green, exciting, and then (hopefully) unnoticed?

In science fiction, we’ve long assumed that distance would disappear.  We do it with FTL travel so we can take our characters between planets the way we now travel between cities, we do it with instant communication devices, and we use teleportation.  We wave our science fictional hands at the challenges of communicating over great …

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