Why I am Green for Iran

I bought green shirts and I am wearing them.  I have turned my twitter icon temporarily green.  I keep getting up from the middle of other tasks and checking on events in Iran, even though I am usually far more disciplined.  But I thought I should write down some reasons since my family asked, and …

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Twitter: A Trail of Transparent Breadcrumbs

I have been thinking about transparency, social media, and government accountability for a while.  At the FiRe conference in San Diego, I ran into fellow sf writer and contrarian, David Brin, who authored  the non-fiction book, The Transparent Society.  This book made a difference in the way I think about government and life, and has …

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The Power of the Net

If you’re not on twitter watching the #iranelection or just searching for “iran” which will catch it all, you’ve missed a worldwide conversation.  A worldwide emotional reaction.   This morning, I feel connected to the people in Iran.  I’m glad they have this tool, which was missing from Tiananmen square.  It may or may not be …

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